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About Us

Nidra is a people’s committed brand focussed on providing plant-based, vegan and organic products for a healthy life inside-out. We are highly innovative when it comes to the products and choose to provide only the ones with top-notch quality without compromising on any aspect. When you decide to embark on a transformational journey, we will assist you in paving the way and guiding you in the right direction. Our beliefs and who we are are still anchored in old science and culture while keeping extracting more and more benefits from Nature.

Vegan and Natural ingredients: Our products are made to follow a way of living that attempts to exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty. That is why all our products are completely based on plants and trees. Also, they are 100% natural in the sense that they do not contain any GMOs or other inorganic substances.

Cruelty-Free Products: Being a true believer in our mission to not hurt but protect, all our ingredients extracted from plants. We are on a journey to more reachable ensure that animals are not involved in testing as all our products are “people-tested”. We may not be perfect, but we believe in taking each step at a time towards sustainability, as it cannot be achieved overnight.

Aimed Research: We do not just come up with the formulations but are driven by the fact of innovations because of which we conduct numerous researches for bringing creative and relatable products within yours reach. We focus on the current problems juggled by everybody irrespective of generation and conduct long research to add multiple benefits without compromising on ingredients. Our products are clinically tested and approved before they are launched in the market.

Brand Story:

Nidra is a term derived from the Sanskrit language which means Sleep. Nidra is incarnated from the simple thought of giving it back to the people and nature. This brand took inspiration from our mechanical and chaotic lives wherein we are just living out digitally. Due to the constant pressure of advancement and development, we are under stress to upgrade ourselves. Stress plays a major part in our life, as we ignore the concept of work-life balance. Stress messes with our entire body function and intervenes with our daily cycles. According to research, 10-30% of people suffer from insomnia and sometimes the numbers go as high as 50-60% of the population. Stress is also not inferior. More than 70% of people experience stress-related health issues. These numbers look really scary.

When looking at these numbers we came up thinking how this can be cured or controlled without any antibiotics or any such similar formulation. That’s where our products come in. Just pop in your gummy like your taffy and chew it so the body absorbs all the necessary nutrients. We had to assure comfort and health through our formulation. Being a strong believer in Ayurveda we wanted only plant-based or vegan components to combat these issues permanently. After a few years of research and studies, we came up with the perfect concoction to deal with these demons!

We at Nidra Nutrition, are a fast-paced brand aiding people in every step to embark on this journey towards mental healthcare with us.

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