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How Our Gummies Works

We are sticklers for what goes in our gummies, and how effective they are. And we believe in scientifically backing all that we do.

What do the doctors say about Stress Free Gummies?

Clinical studies have proven that the introduction of Ashwagandha showed a substantial reduction in the measures of stress. The findings suggest that high concentration full-spectrum Ashwagandha root extract improves an individual's resistance to stress and improves self-assessed quality of life. Ashwagandha root extract can be used safely as an adaptogen in adults under stress.

Not only Ashwagandha, Valeriana Wallichi could be a safe and effective herb to reduce stress and prevent associated disorders. According to the statistics, 20% - 40% of adults encounter stress and anxiety-related problems during a year. The phytochemical constituents of Tagara have potent neuroprotective action. Studies have proved its efficacy in neutralizing oxidative stress. Recommended for combating anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Improves heart health and helps in managing primary hypertension.

Clinically Proven Results

90% Increase in Happy Mood

65% Reduction in the day to day Stress Level

35% increase in Physical Health

10% Improvement in Mental Healthness

20% Increase in Immunity Booster

73.5% Reduction in Hypertension

What do the doctors say about Sleep Well Gummies?

The tests conducted show that Melatonin can play a significant role in helping the body keep up with the sleep-wake cycle. Studies show shift workers might improve their sleep with minimal disturbance to the circadian system. This supports the hypothesis that Melatonin decreases sleep onset latency, increases sleep efficiency, and increases total sleep duration.

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99.9% of the people who were subjected to our gummies mentioned that they did not experience any side effects
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Drugs = Bad! This is a no brainer that’s our sole reason of why we’ve employed these 100% natural ingredients

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