Get freedom from anxiety, overthinking, & depression and become productive and cheerful.

  • Overcome stress in just 10 minutes
  • Improve your stress response
  • Manage everyday stressors better
  • Foster your thought clarity
  • Naturally Found Ingredients

  • FSSAI Approved

  • Quick Action

  • Easy to use


Free yourself from anxiety and despair so that you can get things done, be happy, and have a sense of accomplishment.

When you struggle with stress, your emotions, your body, and your mind suffer too.

  • Fatigue

  • Poor Focus

  • Sleep Problems

  • Mood Swings

Nidra Stress Free Gummies are designed to help you
relieve stress while providing a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Nidra Stress-Free Gummy Benefits

Nidra Stress Gummies are delicious treats for your mental health - help you stay calm even in the most challenging times!

  • Relieves stress and anxiety

    Relaxing and revitalising effect on the neurological system and, as a result, on the entire body.

  • Fosters healthy sleep pattern

    Removes unnecessary thought cycles and creates a peaceful mindset to help you fall asleep naturally.

  • Improves cognitive function

    Enhances brain function, memory, attention, reaction time, and executive functioning.

  • Enhances happy mood

    Reduces the levels of stress hormone (cortisol) in the body and increases the happy hormone (serotonin).

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How to intake Nidra Stress Free Gummies

3 Simple steps for happy and cheerful days


Pop one/two gummies into your mouth.


Now chew slowly. No water is required.


In just 10 minutes, you will feel relieved.

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What Do Nidra Users Say?

Real Nidranutrition Experience

Great fan of this product!

This product is pure gold! There is no need to worry about any side effects. I just have to take 2 gummies and stress goes all down. I can then work clearly. What more can I ask for?

Verified Customer

- Rajveer, Indore

Delicious & nutritious gummies

These gummies have a great flavour. They support healthy metabolism as well as manages my stress. No negative side effects. Would recommend it to anyone who is always stressed in their life!

Verified Customer

- Jaspreet, Rajasthan

Fantastic gummies with fantastic taste

For more than a week, I’ve been taking Nidra gummies. And obviously my stress level and sleep habits have changed. Gummies taste fantastic & are easy to swallow. Amazing product!

Verified Customer

- Neha, Mumbai

Feeling balanced, relaxed & energised

These gummies are amazing! Usually I’m tensed, irritable, and exhausted. But after taking the Nidra gummies I am relaxed and feel energised. These gummies have completely changed my life!

Verified Customer

- Utkarsh, Jaipur

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Nidra FAQ

All Your Questions About Nidra, Answered

Are Nidra Nutrition Stress Free gummies vegan?
Yes, unlike most gummies on the market today that contain Gelatin, none of our products have any animal-derived components. Our flavoured gummies are made with Pectin(a fruit peel-derived substance) instead of Gelatin, making it completely vegan!
What makes Nidra Nutrition gummies different from others?
Our stress-free gummies are the world's first 175 mg Ashwa gummies. Just two of these gummies are enough to bring your stress levels down a notch!
How many gummies should I take each day?
It is recommended that you take two gummies daily.
Will I experience any side effects?
No! All our products are formulated with the help of nutritional experts in world-class facilities. Our gummies do not contain harmful ingredients that might cause any side effects.
When should I take these gummies?
These gummies can be taken first thing in the morning or in-between meals. The most important part is to consume these gummies regularly for optimum results.

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World’s First 175 mg Ashwa Gummies

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