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Sleep Well

All Melatonin gummies
Struggling to fall asleep? Get your body the boost it needs to its natural sleep cycle. With delightful strawberry flavour to mellow your mind, relax your body and sleep peacefully!
Put an end to stress with gummies that taste good and do good! Get the benefits of Ashwagandha to get the ultimate stress relief while providing a sense of calmness and relaxation
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84 Days Money
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All Natural
Natural Sleep without the Side Effects
Natural Sleep without the Side Effects
Nidra is far better at regulating your body’s natural functions to induce a state of relaxation and fall asleep more naturally and stay asleep longer!
The 84-Day Good Sleep Guarantee
The 84-Day Good Sleep Guarantee
If you don’t sleep better after trying our Sleep Well Gummies, then simply let us know and we will happily refund your order - Our products are that good!

Tested & Proven to Improve Sleep

Drugs are not the way to go!

Rediscover restfalness with two new sleep-inducers made from natural ingredients that work

Clinically Tested & Proven to Improve Sleep in the most natural way that works

Side Effects
Natural Ingredients
12 Wks
To Better Sleep

Meet our all natural ingredients That lull you to sleep tight

A key component to regulate the body’s sleep-wake cycle and to signal the body when to sleep
Considered an “Ayurvedic Brain Tonic“, Brahmi can promotes restful sleep and improves concentration
Shankapushpi Extract
Nicknamed - The morning glory, it lives up to it’s name by reducing stress & mental tiredness and improves sleep
Lavendar Extract
Lavender works by calming the central nervous system and promoting slow-wave sleep to sleep better and longer

Healthy You… Happy Us!

The Nidra Promise

You are at the core of what we do and all our products are just to make you happy!

All Natural
Derived solely from plant based sources without being subjected to GMO’s or chemical additives
No Side Effects
99.9% of the people who were subjected to our gummies mentioned that they did not experience any side effects
Clinically Tested
Subjected to rigorous testing methods without any external intervention for the best in line products
100% Drug Free
Drugs = Bad! This is a no brainer that’s our sole reason of why we’ve employed these 100% natural ingredients

Real People, Real Results

Customer using sleep-tracking apps have shared their real improvements

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Got Questions?

It is recommended that you take one gummy a day 1-2 hours before sleeping.

Yes, we are 100% vegan and 100% gluten-free.

Since these gummies are designed to help overcome difficulties in falling asleep, you can expect restful slumber for 6 to 8 hour. The number of hours can vary across individuals.

You can look forward to a relaxed mind, a good night's sleep, and reduced stress levels. And after a good night’s sleep, you wake up feeling and looking fresh.

No, That won’t happen. Our gummies are formulated with 100% natural & clinically tested ingredients to ensure you wake up the next morning with a smile on your face!

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