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Stress Free

World’s first 175 mg Ashwagandha gummies
Struggling to fall asleep? Get your body the boost it needs to its natural sleep cycle. With delightful strawberry flavour to mellow your mind, relax your body and sleep peacefully!
Put an end to stress with gummies that taste good and do good! Get the benefits of Ashwagandha to get the ultimate stress relief while providing a sense of calmness and relaxation
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84 Days Money
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All Natural
Get Rid of Stress without side effects
Get Rid of Stress without side effects
Ashwagandha is a natural powerful plant adaptogen known for its stress-lowering effects. It can help lower levels of cortisol and is effective at lowering symptoms of stress and anxiety.
The 84-Day Stress Free Guarantee
The 84-Day Stress Free Guarantee
If you don’t feel good after trying our Stress Free gummies, then simply let us know and we will happily refund your order. Our products are that good!

Drugs are not the way to go!

Clinically tested & proven to improve your mood in the most natural way!

Side Effects
Natural Ingredients
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For Happy days

Meet our all natural ingredients that put an end to bad days!

Ashwagandha is a traditional Ayurvedic herb that helps to relax the mind and reduce stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.
Valerian Root Extract
This herb that can help you sleep better, relax more, and feel less anxious resulting in sensations of peace and calm.
L – Theanine
L-theanine is a form of amino acid present in green and black teas, that helps to boost mental performance and to treat stress
Chamomile Extract
Apigenin, a compound found in chamomile, attaches to certain receptors in the brain that can help you relax and go asleep.

Healthy You… Happy Us!

The Nidra Promise

You are at the core of what we do and all our products are just to make you happy!

All Natural
Derived solely from plant based sources without being subjected to GMO’s or chemical additives
No Side Effects
99.9% of the people who were subjected to our gummies mentioned that they did not experience any side effects
Clinically Tested
Subjected to rigorous testing methods without any external intervention for the best in line products
100% Drug Free
Drugs = Bad! This is a no brainer that’s our sole reason of why we’ve employed these 100% natural ingredients

Real People, Real Results

Customer using sleep-tracking apps have shared their real improvements

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Stress Relief with Ashwagandha

World’s 1st 175mg Ashwagandha gummies

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Got Questions?

Yes, unlike most gummies on the market today that contain Gelatin, none of our products have any animal-derived components. Our flavoured Ashwagandha gummies are made with Pectin(a fruit peel-derived substance) instead of Gelatin, making it completely Vegan!

Our stress-free gummies are the world's first 175 mg gummies. Just two of these gummies are enough to bring your stress levels down a notch!

It is recommended that you take two gummies daily.

No! All our products are formulated with the help of nutritional experts in world-class facilities. Our gummies do not contain any harmful ingredients which might cause any side effects.

These gummies can be taken first thing in the morning or in-between meals. The most important part is to consume these gummies regularly for optimum results.

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